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23:40     M.O.P.A. Assembly and Operation 

00:15     GB-4000 Accessories and Hookup

01:38     How to Run a Programmed Auto Channel

02:57     How to Change the Run Time

03:44     How to Change from RF Mode to Audio Mode

04:10     What is the RF Indicator Light?

04:44     How to Change the Square Wave Duty Cycle

05:32     How to Change from Square Wave to Sine Wave

06:04     How to Pause a Channel

06:28     How to Run an Individual Frequency

06:55     How to Program an Individual Frequency Channel (Custom Auto Channel)

08:37     How to Program a Multiple Frequency Channel (Custom Auto Channel)

10:04     How to Run Multiple Auto Channels One After Another

10:46     How to Delete a Channel

11:14     How to Run a Sweep

12:07     How to Run a Converging Sweep

13:10     How to Run a Channel Sweep

14:21     How to Turn On Gating

15:37     How to Set the Gate Rate and Gate Duty Cycle

16:50     How to Save Gating Turned On in an Auto Channel

17:39     How to Skip a Frequency Group or Frequency

18:19     How to Mute the 'Beeper'

18:54     The RF Indicator Light is Blinking

19:24     How to Repair the Wires

21:38     SR-4 Accessories and Hookup

23:40     M.O.P.A. Accessories, Hookup and Operation

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