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SHIPPING: International & Domestic

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Shipping Charges - We offer FREE SHIPPING to the 50 United States. We use FedEx and USPS Priority Mail couriers.


Payment - We prefer receiving a direct bank wire of funds to our account for merchandise orders shipped outside of the U.S. and Canada. This method of payment is quick and safe for both parties. However, we will also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover if you are willing to pre-verify your credit card ownership for security purposes. Please email a scanned copy of your most recent credit card billing statement and a legible copy of the front and back of the card with your name and signature information. For security reasons, we will only be able to ship our merchandise to the credit card STREET billing address (no P.O. boxes or mail drops). Your order will ship once your payment has been received and posted by our bank. Please email us to request our bank wiring instructions and a shipping quote for the items you would like to order. 


Courier Shipping Charges - If you place your order online via PayPal or with your credit card we will calculate the actual shipping costs to your city/country and email you a 'Request for Money' (Invoice) via PayPal for the shipping charges to ship the package(s) to your address.

We only use FedEx International for international shipping, insurance and online tracking. The M.O.P.A. amplifier and GB-4000 must be shipped via FedEx International due to its size, weight and USPS requirements restricting acceptance of this size and value of container. We only charge the rate that FedEx charges us. No extra charges are added for handling and packing. Please include your full contact information, phone number, email address, including STREET shipping address. A direct signature will be required at the time of delivery. You are responsible for any value added tax and duties that may be assessed by your local customs on delivery. We cannot and will not undervalue any item on the commercial invoice for shipping, for customs purposes... so please don't ask us to. We attest accuracy by our signature on our commercial shipping invoices and tax documents and will always continue doing honest and ethical business in all countries of the world.

An air freight surcharge will be added for U.S. territories. Shipping charges to foreign countries will be billed to you (same day) via email through our PayPal Invoice service. See their websites to calculate the shipping charges including 'direct signature required' and 'insurance' (value). Actual shipping costs for all countries outside of the USA will be calculated according weight, container size and value  (insurance) using FedEx International. We encourage you to contact us for a shipping quote to international cities.

FedEx International Shipping Policy - You agree that if the receiver/consignee and/or purchaser refuses or abandons the package(s) for any reason that you as the purchaser will pay for the duty, taxes, tariffs, handling/storage charges and any other customs fees regardless if the package is delivered to the receiver/consignee, disposed of, or returned to the shipper. Purchaser assumes all liability for any additional fees charged by any agent of the seller and/or shipper which are not listed on the invoice/receipt. This assumed liability includes any return shipping costs incurred if the shipment is not accepted, cleared for release by a customs agent, or signed for by purchaser/consignee at the time of delivery. You agree that if the package(s) is returned back to the shipper by FedEx International or other courier, you as the purchaser will pay for the return shipping costs in addition to any other fees charged by any agent of the seller and/or shipper which are not listed on the receipt.

Order Fulfillment -  Your GB-4000 function generator system (plus M.O.PA. and/or SR-4) will usually be shipped 1 to 3 days after the order is received at our office and your funds have cleared. Please allow up to 3 to 5 business days for delivery in the United States and up to the stated delivery times listed by the courier to other countries. We ship with FedEx and in some instances with the United States Postal Service. FREE SHIPPING in the 50 United States.


Value Added Taxes and Duties for Customs Clearance: See Chart for Your Country

220 Volts / 240 Volts (50 or 60 MHz) for International Power Mains -  For no extra charge, we will modify the M.O.P.A. amplifier for use with 220/240 volt electrical systems for your particular country. The GB-4000 frequency generator uses a switching power supply that can be operated successfully with any country's power grid.

Spare 812A Vacuum Tube for M.O.P.A. - We require that our international customers purchase a spare vacuum tube (812A) at the time of their M.O.P.A. amplifier order ($52). One 812A vacuum tube is included with the M.O.P.A. amplifier, however, it's a good idea to have a spare vacuum tube on hand if you're involved with a research protocol and cannot afford a day off (or longer) if something were to happen to your tube. Usually the tube will last for several years, but there are occasions when human error can inadvertently break a tube and another one is needed right away. If you need to order a vacuum tube at a later date, the cost of shipping an extra single tube by itself to an international destination is relatively high with expedited FedEx or USPS courier services. It can also take up to a week or longer to receive. Our experience with this technology is that it is wise to have a spare vacuum tube on hand at all times. The extra 812A tube will be shipped inside your M.O.P.A. amplifier in protective packing material. To add a spare vacuum tube to your order, click on the "Add to Cart" button. The cost is only $52 when purchased with a new M.O.P.A. amplifier.

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