2020 - 20 MHz Sweep/Function Generator with SR-4 Linear Amplifier
The only frequency generator capable of outputting 2 to 8 frequencies simultaneously.


Just a few of the GB-4000 and SR-4 Benefits
1. Two-year full parts and labor warranty.

2. Free operating software updates.

3. Free lifetime phone support. 

4. Fully upgradable hardware.

5. Operational DVD training.

6. Ability to run overnight sets.

7. Stand alone computerized system.

8. Ability to run up to eight frequencies simultaneously (to 40,000 Hertz) instead of just one frequency.

9. Ability to run two frequencies from 40,000 Hertz to 20,000,000 Hertz.

10. RF sideband circuit superior to super-regeneration or phaser circuit capabilities.

11. Three amplifier system.

12. Sixty day money back guarantee (less shipping and restocking fee) if returned in new condition.


GB-4000 voltage output RF mode: Over 110 volts making it over 18 times more powerful than most standard frequency generators. When used with the powerful SR-4,15-watt linear amplifier it will give you up to 75 times more power than other frequency generators on the market today.


Hardware and software included in your GB-4000
1. New 3.1 Megahertz Carrier frequency.

2. New 1/100th of a Hertz resolution: The older GB-4000's only had 1/10th of a Hertz (2000.7) resolution but with the new software they can be updated to 1/100th of a Hertz (2000.76) capability.

3. Audio range now increased from 1 to 40,000 Hertz to 1 to 400,000 Hertz.

4. Mute Feature: Allows you to mute the beeper.

5. Skip Feature: Allows you to skip any frequency group or frequency in any channel.

6. Save Gating Feature: Allows you to save, in any channel, gating turned ON whenever that channel is used.

7. Variable Channel Sweep Freature: Allows you to now vary the frequency range of all frequencies in any channel from 2 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz.

GB-4000 / SR-4 Combo

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$2,320.00Sale Price
  • The GB-4000 / SR-4 Test Instruments Package - $2,320
    Includes: 2020 Model GB-4000 Function/Frequency Generator (rev. D8), SR-4 30MHz 15-watt Linear Amplifier, pre-programmed with 875 Auto-Channels, Quick-Start DVD Video Guide, Complete Operating Instructions and Manual with photographs, 3 switching power supply adaptors, 2 red connecting wires, 2 black connecting wires, 1 cable with BNC connectors, USB cable for computer connection (optional to use with Windows PC), manufacturer's two-year warranty on parts and labor, FREE technical support and FREE SHIPPING in the USA and Canada. U.S. Territories and International countries call or email for air freight shipping charge.

  • 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty
    FREE Technical Support
    FREE Shipping in the USA and Canada

    Made in USA

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