GB-4000 Sweep/Function Generator & M.O.P.A. Oscillator Amplifier


The 190-watt M.O.P.A. Amplifier works with the GB-4000 in both "Audio" and "Radio Frequency" modes. Users can run all "Auto Channel" frequency programs up to 20 Million Hertz. This is a true breakthrough, as there is not another plasma tube instrument on the market that has this capability!


  • 2020 version including latest upgrades/software (Rev. D8). 
  • The M.O.P.A. amplifier is 20 Megahertz capable with a variable built-in carrier frequency of 2.2 to 3.8 MHz and is a 1930s/1950s replica. When connected to the GB-4000 it is capable of outputting 8 frequencies simultaneously.
  • A full 2-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.
  • FREE lifetime technical support and professional training consultation.
  • The Plasma Ray Tube antenna with reflector and stand is not included but is sold separately by another vendor for $335 + shipping.
  • A GB-4000 Accessory Kit also available from another vendor for $122 + shipping. The kit includes a complete guide (261 pages) for the selection and use of specific resonant frequencies, 4 stainless steel electrodes with terrycloth sleeves (which are plugged into included wires) to use optionally with the GB-4000 by itself, when needed.
  • We will facilitate these two separate vendor orders for you if requested.

GB-4000 / M.O.P.A. Combo

$4,445.00 Regular Price
$4,220.00Sale Price
  • We must receive a signed M.O.P.A. Purchase Agreement before we can ship the M.O.P.A. amplfier to you. A copy of the agreement will be emailed to you after you've placed your order or you can download a .pdf copy from this website.

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